How to make simple USB into a AES Encrypted USB for FREE

How to make simple USB into a AES Encrypted USB

USB is a very portable and handy to carry huge data. Most of the people carry movies and other official files from one place to another place. But If you are worried about privacy for the sensitive data being compromised then there is concern about to do something to make your USB more secure. It can be by password or other way but most of the cases password isn’t the ultimate solution. 

TrueCrypt USB Encryption
TrueCrypt USB Encryption

Today we will show a open source but very reliable tools which will definitely help you to protect your data from extreme level of security. We will suggest you to use any kinds of software which support Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] encrypting. Here today we will recommend TrueCrypt it is a simple and effective free option. TrueCrypt has you covered. It’s a versatile utility as it can encrypt partitions, VHDs, Flash Drives, or entire hard drive. TrueCrypt is a free Open Source disk encryption utility that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows you to encrypt an entire drive, partition or flash drive and ensure no one can access the data without the right password. It provides on-the-fly encryption and after the drive is encrypted you can continue to use everything like you normally would. You can encrypt a virtual disk, removable drive, or an entire system drive. There are a lot more steps than what we show here, but the wizard makes all of your choices easy.You can choose different levels of encryption. There are several types to choose from and each has its unique qualities but for most users you will be fine with AES encryption. Download TrueCrypt for Windows [Win7 and 8 Supported], Mac, and Linux

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