TwinMOS Mobile Music Disk- MMD 650 Firmware

If you are looking for the firmware of TwinMOS Portable Music player MMD- 650 then you can download it form here.  
TwinMOS MMD 650
TwinMOS MMD 650

1. TwinMOS MMD-650 Firmware
2. TwinMOS MMD-650 User Manual

Note: The latest firmware can improve display of ID3 Tag under Korean interface. It is Not necessary and Not advisable for you to update your player if you do Not intend to read Korean menu.

Applicable lots: products under S/N: WT3206967A, S/N: WT3206C76A, S/N: WT3206C77A, S/N: WT3206D69A (refer to the tracking sticker on the bottom of the player for S/N information)