Basic Introduction of USB Flash Drive before Repairing

If you are having problem with your USB flash drive, you can repair it yourself without much more technicl knowledge. Before opening the USB housing you should know what is inside of this USB. Here is the basic introduction of the USB. There is basically 5 components as bellow-
1. USB Metal head called connector
2. USB coltroller
3. PCB Circuit Board
4. Oscillator or Quartz Resonator
5. Miscellaneous components like; Resistor, capacitor, diod etc.
Follow the bellow steps to open the USB-
1. Open the USB case or housing
Now you can open the housing gently and you may able to see the PCB and the other components as bellow picture
2. Check the Controller vendor and Model number [take a note the numbers and the vendor]
This info will help us a lot instead of trying different version of tools. You should know one more thing; due to wrong version of tools your USB could be permanently damage. So, before using any tools make sure the correct version of the tools selected and we are not responsible if there is any incident happened. You will be the fully responsible for the incidence. 
The PCB outline or design may vary due to different manufacturer. This picture is only for reference. 
Note: If the USB is made with COB [Chip on Board] that time you will not be able to see the inside components.

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