Silicon Power Low Level Formatter v. (PS2251)

This is a very useful tools for recover your Silicon Power USB which has Phison Controller model- PS2251. By using this tool you may get back your USB as brand new with full capacity and full functional as new but before applying this tools, please make sure your USB controller support it. To check your controller version and other info Click Here. If you found that the controller model is PS2251 then you may try this utility tools for recover the USB. Since its a low level formatter so it may take longer time depending on the USB capacity.

To download this useful tools Click Here. Leave your comment if you found this tools is helpful or if you faced any problem. Thanks!
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33 thoughts on “Silicon Power Low Level Formatter v. (PS2251)”

  1. Thanks for your help.

    but unfortunately , the tool gives me the following error :

    Restore fail, please contact your vendor. error code 55.

    are there any other tool to try it ?

    the flash Model: Silicon Power 8GB ,

    Chip Vendor: phison(??)
    Chip Part-Number: PS2251

    Product Vendor: 2250
    Product Model: PRAM
    Device Name: ?[G:]?USB Mass Storage Device(2250 PRAM USB Device)

    PnP Device ID: VID = 13FE PID = 3100
    Serial Number: 6&&358784DA&&0&&4

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Finally I found something that worked! I got an 8gb from Dell that came with Windows 832 bit and they sent it already write protected. I searched everywhere for solutions and this was the only thing that worked. Thanks!

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