How to make USB Drive Compatible with Mac OS

How to make USB Drive Compatible with Mac OS for Large files?

If you buy a USB or if you already have a USB flash Drive and If you want use your USB Flash Drive only on a Mac and better if you format it into HFS+ Mac OS Extended (Journal) which allows larger file sizes like 4GB single file.
USB on Macbook
To format the USB Flash Drive and to make it compatible with your Macbook or Macbook pro or commonly know as Mac OS please refer the bellow steps-
1. Connect the USB Drive first and then, USB will be detected by the OS. Now, on the Applications folder there is a folder called “Utilities”. There you should see an App called “Disk Utility”. Open it and you will see something like this:
Prepare USB for Macbook
Fig-01:- Prepare USB for Macbook

2. To reformat your USB, select it and then click the Erase Tab.

Prepare USB for Macbook
Fig-02: Prepare USB for Macbook

3. Here you can set the USB name and the file format Mac OS Extended (Journal) is recommended.
When you’re ready click “Erase” button.

Prepare USB for Macbook
Fig-03: Prepare USB for Macbook

4. It will take some time to erase the data. When Erase is completed, you can safely remove your USB Flash Drive by dragging the “USB Disk” Icon to the “Trash”. That’s it. Your USB Flash Drive is now ready to use for large file in Macbook.

Speed up your USB data transfer

How to Speed up your USB data transfer:

If you don’t want to spend extra money for high speed USB3.0 USB Flash Drive or if you already have a USB2.0 Flash Drive then you don’t need to buy a new one which will be costly. Here is the easy solution to speed up your existing USB drive. It’s simple and no need to initialize every time. It will work automatically to boost your speed. While you copy a large file if can show you the current copy speed, estimated time to finish the file copy most importently Paus and resume the file transfer capability which is very effective. The best thing is it will increase the data transfer rate that you can see on your eyes. 
I know may be you already know about this tools earlier guess what? Yes its TeraCopy but here is the latest version of this software which also can check the errors on the copied files it means it can verify the files which is very importent if you are transferring a secure files. This tools will definitely help you if you are a fond of movie and if you would like to share the HD movies with your friends and your family. What more? You can customize it as per your requirement like you can customize the buffer size. Download the latest version of TeraCopy  and test it yourself and hope you will agree with me. Let us know if you found this tips helpful for you. Share your experience and help others to make their life easier.

TwinMOS Tablet TwinTAB Firmware Download

TwinMOS Tablet TwinTAB Firmware
If you have any models of TwinMOS’s Tablet PC and if you are looking for any of the firmware; Here is the all version of firmware for all models of TwinMOS’s Tablet.
TwinMOS Tablet TwinTAB-T7283G
TwinMOS Tablet TwinTAB-T7283G

1. TwinMOS WiFi Tablet TwinTAB-T714 Firmware and other details are available here.
2. TwinMOS 3G+WiFi Tablet TwinTAB-T7283G Firmware V1.0 and other details are available here.
3. TwinMOS 3G+WiFi Tablet TwinTAB-T7283G Firmware V1.1 and other details are available here.
3. TwinMOS 3G+WiFi+GPS Tablet TwinTAB-T7283GD1 Firmware V1.0 and other details are available here.
4. TwinMOS GPS+WiFi Tablet TwinTAB-T102D1 Firmware V1.0 and other details are available here.
For more details about the TwinTAB and other necessary drivers, application files, firmware and tools you may visit  

TwinMOS USB2.0 Mobile Disk Z4 Drivers

TwinMOS USB2.0 Mobile Disk Z4 Driver tools

TwinMOS Mobile Disk Z4 is one of the earliest innovation of USB Drive from TwinMOS. If you have any one of them and if you are looking for the driver and the application tools then you can download it from here.

1. TwinMOS Z4 [K21, M24, K24] Data Sheet
2. TwinMOS Z4 [K21, M24, K24] Driver
3. TwinMOS Z4 [K21, M24, K24] Application Software
4. TwinMOS Z4 [M23] Driver
5. TwinMOS Z4 [M23] Application Software
6. TwinMOS Z4 [U2X, M3X, U4x] Data Sheet
7. TwinMOS Z4 [U2X, M3X, U4X] Driver
8. TwinMOS Z4 [U2X, M3X, U4X] Application Software

9. TwinMOS Z4 [D4X] Driver

Silicon Power USB Flash Drive Recovery Tools

Silicon Power USB Flash Drive Recovery Tools

This tools is very powerful interms of the use and effectiveness. This tools is specially designed for Silicon Power USB Flash Drive. If you Silicon Power USB not working properly; this tools may help you to solve the issue instantly.

Silicon Power USB

Download the Silicon Power USB Recovery tools for USB2.0 Flash Drives
Download the Silicon Power USB Recovery tools for USB3.0 Flash Drives

Flash Memory all in one Toolkit

This tools is very useful for multiple purpose of use. This Flash Memory Toolkit has multiple service of the drives based on flash memory.

The program consists of seven different functions:
1. Module information about the drive and USB-devices;
2. Test for errors reading / writing;
3. Module quick cleaning or guarantee the removal of information;
4. Module recover deleted files;
5. Module complete backup and restore the contents of the drive;
6. Low-level testing read / write speed Flash drive;
7. A benchmark for measuring the performance when reading / writing small and large files.

Download the FlashMemoryToolkit and give a try for each functions. If you found this tips and the tools useful leave your comment and share it with your friends on social media.

USB Bad Sector Removing Tools get Full capacity

Remove Bad sectors from your USB and get the full capacity:

If you bought any OEM USB Drives or Fake USB or Low grade Chinese flash cards with inflated memory or USB Drive there is a big chance to be Storage size is different than the actual storage like sometimes they used refurbished 8GB Flash chip and block the bad sectors and make it as 4GB but the actual capacity is 8GB and except the bad sectors it could be 5.5GB up to 6.8GB. So, by using this tools you may able to use the full size of the USB.
USB Bad Sector Removing Tools
USB Bad Sector Removing Tools

Please Note This tools may work for the VID-1221 PID3234, VID0011 PID7788. Check your USB’s VID/PID with this tools. Download the MyDiskFix tools to fix the actual capacity. If you found this tools and tips useful leave your comment.

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Free Photo Recovery tools from Memory Cards and USB Drives

If you are facing any problem with your memory cards or USB drives or any other drives which is corrupted anyhow and if you need to recover the data like photo or files or music or any other important files. If you are looking for a tools badly to recover the data then here is a small tools which will definitely help you. 

Photo Recovery tools
Photo Recovery tools

This tools is tested by me and it works 100% without any single file missing but there is some precautions needs to follow as bellow-
1. The media must be detect by computer
2. If the media is corrupted don’t try to copy any new data or take any new pictures
3. Remove the media from you camera or any other devices
4. Do no format if the dialog pop up to format the drive after plugging the device
Download the Wondershare Photo recovery tools and follow the onscreen instruction. It small, portable, simple but very useful for deleted or corrupted memory cards or USB drives. Let’s give a try and let me know if you found this tools useful or if you face any new problems.

Note: This tools is useful and requested to buy the full version to help the developer. Keygen/crack  file is removed to support the developers.