How to Charge multiple Gadgets Together

How to charge multiple Gadgets or Mobile Devices Together?

World is becoming more compact and more handy. Everybody is in hurry. If you are small business man or a student or even a big businessman you must be having few electronic gadgets like; Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wireless devices, Wireless headphones, Smart Watch whatever the portable gadgets they must be need charge. Specially Smart Phone you must know that its very important to charge your gadgets regularly and its very difficult to carry many charges for different devices [even it may works with same charger but you can’t charge all devices together]. So, charge all of your devices lets say if you have 4 different devices like 2 Smart Phone, 1 iPad/tablet and 1 Wireless head phone. But is it really a cool idea to carry 4 different charger? Lets say all your device supports micro USB port for charging but is it possible to carry 4 different charger? I am sure you will be agree with me that its really a matter of headache. So, now the question is how to solve this problem? Today we will discuss some about some tips that will definitely help you to think again to rearrange your charging method and it may simplify the whole things.


1. Power Strip:

You may notice that some Domestic Power Strip is coming with in built USB port by that you can easily charge your gadgets. Here we will suggest to buy one Huntkey PZB404 which has 2 USB port for charging and 3 ports for household 3 pin socket for AC power. In the market you may also find some other brands power strip with this USB port facility but before buying please keep in mind that the Power Strip should be wel designed for charge the gadgets. In this case Huntkey they offer 3 Years of warranty and up to 1 million US$ of insurance coverage. So, it could be your smart choice if your gadget got damage you can claim for the insurance.

Huntkey Power Strip with USB Port
Huntkey Power Strip with USB Port

2. AC Power Outlet:

Now a days some advanced AC power outlet is available in the market which has in built USB port. It means you don’t need to think more just plug the USB port and the charging will start imminently once you turn ON the power switch. This is one of the very useful innovation and it could give you the freedom of caring multiple charger. Now we have to wait to implement for this technology to everywhere. What you think? If you Domestic power outlet also comes with USB port isn’t it a cool idea?

AC Power Outlet with USB Charging port
AC Power Outlet with USB Charging port

3. Multiport USB HUB:

IF you have a USB HUB, we will recommed for USB3.0 HUB because USB3.0 has more power capability than USB2.0 so if you have any USB3.0 HUB you can use it for charging your gadgets. Also some USB HUB is coming specially designed and well marked USB Charge port. That means that Port is specially desiged for charging the gadgets. Also keep in mind that if you use USB2.0 HUB in this case you should use a AC power adapter to power up the USB HUB itself

TwinMOS Multiport USB HUB as Charger
TwinMOS Multiport USB HUB as Charger

4. Laptop as Charger:

Its very common and widely used method and i know there is nothing to say about this. Hope at least once you already did this. isnt it?

5. Portable USB Ports:

If you are a regular traveller and if you fond of electronic gadgets then better carry one Car charger & one USB cable so if you travel on the car you can charge your gadgets. Also if you have the USB cable while you are travelling on plane check your front side i mean the back seat USB port if you found one that’s it! you can charger your gadgets easily just you will need to have your USB cable.

Universal Power Adapter
Universal Travel Adapter

6. Universal Travel Adapter:

If you are a business man and if you need to travel most of the time then we will suggest you to buy one Universal Travel Adapter. By this adapter you can do most of the things that you will need to charge your mobile devices. Its a complex design of multiple USB ports and AC pins so it will gives you freedom in terms of AC ports you will be able to charge even your laptops.

Note: Before charging any electronic gadgets we will advise to use the supplied Adapters and you may apply this tips only for emergency cases not for regular basis.

Why 3G USB Modem Getting Overheated?

Why  3G is USB Modem Getting Overheated?

3G Modem is very handy and useful for those who travel quite often also it’s better choice where broadband is not available. 3G USB Modem is widely used nowadays for wireless broadband for high-speed internet access but some of the device or brands or USB Modem has a common problem that is getting hot sometimes getting very hot. USB modem generally getting hot and there are few reasons to like it receives 3G or GSM frequencies and at the same time converting that signal into high range of wireless frequency. 3G USB getting hot its common but if your USB modem getting very hot then it’s a matter of worry.

Over Heated USB modem could burn Laptop
Over Heated USB modem could burn Laptop

5 Ways to Reduce Over Heat on you 3G USB Modem:

Here is some tips that could help you to sort it out the issue and you may find the way to fix it before going to the deep of the procedure, you may have a look how to Connector set up a 3G USB modem properly If you already follow that procedure correctly and still having the problem then now you may go through the bellow steps-


1. USB Connection:

If you connect the 3G USB Dongle very near to the Laptop’s ventilator [where laptop’s heat comes out] then there is a big chance to get your USB 3G dongle getting hot. So, Avoid this and try to plug different USB port [Apart from the laptop’s ventilation window]. Suggested not to use USB Extension cable [Especially cheap and lower class of cable may] also avoid using USB HUB. The first and most important case to get USB modem heat is a shortage of proper power. If your PC has USB2.0 port and USB3.0 port then better to use 3G modem on USB3.0 port because USB3.0 has more capability since it’s output power is 1A [Power=1Ax5V=5W max] but for USB2.0 max Power=0.4Ax5V= 2Watts. So, if you have both facility better to go with USB3.0 port.


2. Modem Specification:

Before buying 3GB USB Dongle or Modem check the product specifications. Especially if possible check the Chipset number and the Chipset manufacturer of the 3G USB Dongle. Some modem manufacturer may not publish the chipset details but you may Google the model number and check for the Chipset details. Some Chipset special modern Chipsets are more stable in terms of the overheat even if you run for a long time. Buy well-known brands Modem instead of buying cheap Chinese modem. Check if the modem has an external antenna or not. Generally, old Chipsets comes with an antenna so better to avoid that model.


3. Environment:

If you are using your 3G USB dongle in a hot place like industrial area or in an urban area where the temperature is high then it may get overheated. The atmosphere should be proper air flow and if possible to use in an AC room. Don’t ever try to use in a sunlight it may get overheated even it may burn the whole units.


4. Body Design:

For buying a 3GB model better to go with the Plastic case instead of the metal body. Since inside the case the Chipset may warm but if it is the metal case it will transfer the heat to outside very easily since metal is a very good heat conductor. So, we will suggest you buy plastic or soft rubber coated modem.


5. Signal Strength:

If you are far from the Carrier Base station [BTS] tower and your modem getting signal less than 25% then there is a big chance to get your USB modem overheated. If the signal strength is less the modem will search for stronger signal also it will look for other base station nearby and it will get overheated. In this case better to use the USB 3G modem near the base station. Also, you can use near window [But not on the sunshine] and you may use additional Antenna to get the better reception.

After following all the above tips if your Device still gets hot we suggest cooling the USB dongle manually. You can use a USB Fan or an aluminum heat sink and attach the model with that [I know it’s not a cool idea] it can absorb the additional heat and it may save your device. But Please try to use the better quality of the device and try to plug it into in a healthy USB port [never plug in a lose USB port] and try to maintain the distance from the Laptops ventilator window. If you follow above steps and we strongly hope that it will save at least 80% of your problem, but if you feel that after following all this steps your device still has a problem, now time to change your device or consult with your retailer or a technician who can fix it physically. Please let us know if you found this tips helpful for you and don’t forget to share your experience as a comment.

How to Connect a 3G USB Modem?

How to Connect a  3G USB Dongle or Modem Properly?

USB 3G modem is now very popular due to the flexibility of usase. It can be used on PC, MacBook, Android or even directly to the 3G Routers for the Internet surfing but if you can’t connect or configure it properly it may create big problem for you.
USB 3G Modem
USB 3G Modem
Today we will discuss how to connect a 3G USB Modem and to make it working. Here is the steps how to connect a 3G USB Modem successfully-


Steps for Installing the 3G USB Dongle or Modem:

1. First of all Inser the SIM card on the SIM slot of the 3G USB Modem [Before plugging it on to the Computer]
2.Then plug your USB 3G modem in to the Computer’s USB Port and suggested not to use any USB HUB. If you USB any HUB it may create problem [for some cases], so better to avoid USB HUB and connect it directly to the USB port of the computer.
3. Since, all 3G modem comes with Zero CD ROM so, no need to install the driver from any additional CD ROM. Wait for a while and if you plug your modem for the first time it will install some drivers so kindly don’t interrupt it and let it install all drivers automatically. Be patient.. 🙂
4. Once it is completes installing driver and it will open a Auto run Menu/ Installer or a CD-ROM Drive so don’t be hurry. If it’s not started automatically, you can see it on the “My computer” and open the drives and look for the .exe files. Click on that and it will start installing the applications.
5. Follow the on screen commands and it complete the installation after few screens of command.
6. As soon as it completes installing the dashboard will come and it will start to install the necessary drivers.
7. Once it is completes installing the driver it will Auto open the dashboard by self. It’s done. You are now ready to start surfing the internet by just simply press connect.

How to Enable or Disable USB Ports?

How to Enable and disable USB Port to Protect your Computer?

If you are in a situation where you want protect your PC from unwanted USB Devices or if you want to make some policy to allow and to disallow the USB Devices then here is the tips. Where by doing this small tricks you will be able to filter the USB Device. Such as if you want to allow particular USB or allow USB with Password or make a list for white list where only predefined USB device will be allowed and rest devices will be blocked or you may configure with password when any USB will be plugged in on your Computer it will ask for the predefined administrative password. it means without your permission nobody will be able to use any UBB device on your computer. 

Allow or Disallow USB
Allow or Disallow USB. Photo Curtsey- Solarwinds
In USB device it could be USB flash drive, USB CD ROM, Portable HDD, USB Data cable for any kinds of external devices like smart phones. So, if you want to protect your computer from external USB Devices we will suggest 2 options like bellow-

1. Third party tools:

There is lots of third party tools to do this job for you but out of this we will recommend Solarwinds if you are using it on a network based workstation. By that you can mange your USB very easily or you may try eScan Internet Security Suite if you are a single user or home user. Beside as Antivirus it also works fine for the Controlling USB devices. There is lots of option about the USB device you can customize the whole process very easily. You can make white list or password, manage device list to be allowed or not to be allowed and many more. You can give a FREE trial with this tools.We try this tools and it was very simple and useful. Hope it will work fine for you too.

eScan ISS USB Control Panel
eScan ISS USB Control Panel

2. Windows Group Policy:

Windows has group policy to make the policy to allow or not to allow. This is quite tricky and may be it will not a good choice if you don’t like to dig inside the policies. To read the details you may visit Windows Group Policy for USB or else you can try to the first option if you think that is the easy and comfortable for you.

Windows Group Policy Activated for USB Control
Windows Group Policy Activated for USB Control
If you think this tips was useful for you, please don’t forget to share this article with your friends but if you found the tips is not working in your case. please don’t hesitate to let us know by comment. thanks!

How to Encrypt USB Drive for FREE

How to Encrypt USB Drive for FREE?

This is quite old method and you may already know about this but just in case if you are not aware of this then it may help you a lot to Encrypt your USB drive and that is for FREE of cost. The tools comes with Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 by default. You just need to activate the service. To activate the USB Encryption with Bitlocker please follow the bellow steps-
USB Encryption with Bitlocker
USB Encryption with Bitlocker

1. Turn ON the Computer

2. Insert the USB

3. Right click on the USB drive and select the “Turn on Bitlocker” option as bellow picture

Activating Bitlocker on USB
Activating Bitlocker on USB
4. Another window will pop up with 2 options like-

a. Use A Password To Unlock This Drive:

We will go through this option and we will show you how to enable this service to enable the encryption to protect the full USB contents.

b. Use My Smart Card To Unlock The Drive

If you have smart card then you can activate this option but please keep in mind that it may create problem for you if try to access your file and if there is no Smart Card reader. This option mostly used for industrial purposes where USB and the data is prohibited to bring out side or use out side of the industries or workplace.
Activating Bitlocker on USB
Activating Bitlocker Options on USB
5. We will go for the password option. Set the password and confirm it by putting the password again but please keep in mind  that the password should be at least 8 digits.
Save the Bitlocker log file to recover the password
Save the Bitlocker log file to recover the password
6. Now choose the option How Do You Want To Store Your Recovery Key page and print the password for your safety or save it on your computer in a safe place. In case if you forget your password then you can recover the password by using those data.
Now wait for completing the encryption process. Please be patient because this process can take a longer time depending on the size of your USB. Generally for 4GB USB drive it may take 5 to 6 minutes. That’s it you are done and your USB is now completely secure. To use the USB next time when you will plug the USB it will ask to put your password like bellow picture-
Open USB with password
Open USB with password


Its very much strong and its easy to use more importantly it comes with Windows as Free.


It takes longer time for the first time and if forget the password its very difficult even if you have the saved file.

Make Bootable USB to install all version of Windows

How to make a bootable USB to install all version of Windows?

If you are looking for the tools that can make bootable CD ROM and by that you can install Windows. then, Butler is one of the best USB tools and its completely FREE. 
Butler USB Tools
Butler USB Tools
This program is an excellent freeware tool for creating bootable USB flash drives. By this that USB Drive you will be able to install all version of Windows operating system, from Windows 2000 and up to today, “Seven.” In addition, this utility is also able to emulate a disk image with Partition Magic, ERDC Commander etc. Emulated bootable disks in iso-format. The program can even create bootable hard drives. So, this tools will definitely help to do something more with your USB Drive or Portable HDD. Download the Butler 1.9 and enjoy this tools. If you found this USB tools is helpful for you, please don’t forget to share with your friends and follow us on FB-

How to make a Better QR Code?

How to make 100% readable QR code even for entry level Smart Phone?

Quick Response Code is know QR Code. It is widely used due to the integrity with Smart Phones and mobility. Details about the QR code and the technology behind this, you may visit Since this technology became so popular now a days and most of the company or manufacturer already start adding the QR code on the retail package of the products. All the big brands like- Apple, Samsung, HTC, HP, Toshiba, Dell, Microsoft etc. they are widely using this QR codes on their every recnt products. Due to its huge popularity small small shop or manufacturer also start using this codes for various purposes even for personal business card also they are putting the QR code to redirect their clients to visit their web site to get to know more about their products or services but you may often notice that the QR code is not well recognized by the smart phones. The reason behind this is long URL or complex URL and due to this the QR code also became more complex. Inside of the QR codes the dots and the bars became too small to scan by the Smart Phone. If the code can’t be read then what is the use?
Use of QR Code
Use of QR Code

So, we will show you how to make a 100% readable QR code. This tips will help you to make a clear and more visible QR code which will definitely scan and recognize starting from the entry level of Smart Phone, even chines phones with lower resolution of Camera will be able to read it promptly.
1. First of all copy your targeted URL. Length doesn’t matter even it is thousands words long.
2. Visit Online URL Shortner service like you may Sign up their if you have future plan to track your visitors and analysis in more details like; country wise, Operating system wise, Device wise, number of clicks, regions and so on..
3. Now, If you wish to make the QR code with bigger size or if you want to make the code as customized size then the best way is visit and paste the shortened URL on the URL field and in the right side you will be able so the size slide bar. By default it will generate a 250 x250px code but if you need smaller or bigger size then simply you can slide and increase/decrease the pixels size. Once you set the QR code size then simply click on the “Download” button and Save or Open option will open on a separate window and save it.
QR Code Example Generated during writing this article
QR Code Example Generated during writing this article
4. Now, if you already have any QR code reader on your smart phone that’s fine otherwise we will suggest you to download “QR Droid™” from the respective apps store.
5. Since the download QR code that just we generate it is in .png file so you can use it easily to any where you want. That’s it!! Now try to print a hard copy or you can also try from your computer display to scan the QR code by your smart phone and you will be agree with us after getting the result that we can guaranty.
Hope this tips will help you to make a 100% readable and perfect QR code for your next project. If you found this tips is helpful or if you are facing any other difficultly or if you have any better idea, please don’t hesitate to share with us. Our intention to share our experience and to let others know and get the benefits of them experience. Thanks!

Shutdown a Windows 8 Computer by a single click

How to shutdown a Windows 8 Computer by a single click?

Today we will discuss a very common but maybe we are not the first to have this kind of problem. If you install the new Windows 8 on your Computer then you must passed this situation at least for the first few times. For the first time when I install windows 8 on my old PC, I found a serious problem when i try to shutdown my PC. It takes more than 5minutes for me to find out the shutdown button and It was so irritating and my first expression was not good at all. It was not so comfortable for me hope you will also be agree with me to Move your cursor right side of bottom or up corner then select setting -click power button-select Shutdown/Restart/ Sleep for Shutdown Restart and sleep mode like below-
Windows 8 Desktop Screen
Windows 8 Desktop Screen
I am quite sure, now you already got to guess what we are going to do. Yes, after a little thinking i decided to apply one old tricks for solve this problem. What i did? Yes, here is the tricks; we will make a shortcut button to shutdown the Windows 8. To do so, lets follow the bellow steps-
1. Press “Windows button+D  button together” from your key board to go to your desktop.
2. Right click of your mouse on any vacant area of your desktop and you will navigate to as same as the bellow picture-
Adding a shortcut on Windows 8
Adding a shortcut on Windows 8

3. Select “shortcut” menu to create a new shortcut and new window will pop up as bellow picture-

Creating a shortcut on windows 8
Creating a shortcut on windows 8
4. Now type “Shutdown /p” on the vacant field which is left side Browse option and click Next.
5. Now in the field of “Type a name for this shortcut” type “shutdown” and click Finish and immidiately you will be able to see a shutdown shortcut icon on your Desktop our work almost finish. Actually upto this everybody know how to make a shortcut on Windows but here we will add a little tricks to make it more convinent on Windows 8. So, here we go… have a look at the step 6 and you will understnad what exactly we did.. 😀
6. Right click on shutdown Shortcut icon that we just create and then select “Pin to Start” Thats it..! 
Adding Shut Down shortcut on Start menu
Adding Shut Down shortcut on Start menu

Now the time to see the result what exactly we supposed to do. If you go the the main screen of windows 8, You will find this shortcut as a tile on your start menu other tiles like below-
Single Click Shortcut for Shutting Down Windows 8
Single Click Shortcut for Shutting Down Windows 8
In this article we was trying to customize and to make the shut down method of windows 8 a little bit easier for the beginner or for those who don’t like to spend much time on to shut down a computer. We hope this well know but a little bit trick will help you a bit. If you found this tips is helpful then, don’t forge to share this article with your friends. Enjoy your computing…!

Why My USB Drive Getting So hot?

My USB is getting too hot is it normal?

When a USB Drive plugged into any computer or any other devices. It get powered and it can get hot it is normal but if the heat is extensive that time you will need to think about it seriously. It’s normal when transferring the data between USB to PC and vice versa it can get worm little bit but if it is really high then it may damage your device even it may cause of fire. 
USB Getting hot
USB Getting hot
Here is some reason for those your USB Flash Drive can generate extra heat-

1. Defective USB:

If your USB got defective somehow and it may generate heat its mainly because of internal short circuit of the components or misplace any inter parts.

2. Metal Body:

Metal body is much more heat conductive than plastic or other materials. So, if your USB body is metal then there is a big chance to get hot and you can feel if within a few moments after plug the USB.

3. Copy large files:

If you copy large file and if it is continued for long time then your USB may get hot. Especially if you watch movie directly from your USB to HD TV or any other media.So, better not to use it for long term use if its generate extra heat and don’t keep plugged in with your computer if you are not using it.

4. Multiple Device Connected:

If you are using any USB HUB for expanding your USB ports, then it may also cause additional heat on your USB drives. Each USB port of your computer has limited power capacity but if you plug more power hunger devices together with the USB HUB then it may cause extra heat. So, better to use USB HUB with additional DC power adapter.

5. Cheap Price USB:

As we know cheap product always made from cheap components and cheap components always made from the cheap raw materials. So, before buying any new USB you should think once again on this regards. Don’t just go for the cheaper USB. Cheaper in terms of the body design and the internal components construction. Sometimes, cheap USB [Basically the plastic case models] also comes with better quality of Flash chips and one more important thing is that extra heat could be generated from the lack of internal circuit designs that is impossible for us as an end user to know. So, better go with some reliable and well-known brands even it is plastic body it will definitely give you a long term data retention guarantee

Windows can’t format your Disk how to Fix it

How to Fix a USB if shows Windows Can’t format your Disk?

There are many different types of problem can be happened to your USB flash disk but if you know this small tips it may help you a lot just before buying a new USB. Today we will discuss windows can’t format your Disk. There are many other ways but we will show you a very simple way to try to solve the issue. 

Windows Can't Format your Disk
Windows Can’t Format your Disk
First of all, you need to download and install a small but very useful tools called “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” to solve the problem. You can also make your disk bootable by this tools and you can also format your USB as NTFS and FAT32 as well. Before applying this method, please take backup your all data. After formatting by this tool you will lose all of your existing data. Now, let’s follow the below procedure to format your flash disk and make it workable-
1. Insert your USB Disk into your Windows based PC or Laptop
2. Double click hp formatting shortcut from your Desktop.
HP USB Formatter Device Detected
HP USB Formatter Device Detected
3. It will show your Device and it will also show the corresponding capacity under the device option.
4. Select FAT32 or NTFS like below.
Select the file system to be format on HP formatter
Select the file system to be format on HP formatting
5. Select Quick format and press start then yes. It will Format Quickly but if you didn’t tick mark on the Quick Format then it will take longer time depending on the USB capacity
6. It will show a Format Success Message if the USB is formatted by this tools.
7. Remove the USB from your System and Reinsert your disk and now try to format by windows by simply right click on the USB device from my computer menu and select the Format option. if the USB successfully formatted by the Windows now. That’s it!! Your USB drive is now ready to use again. Enjoy and share this article  with your friends if you found this is helpful..!!

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