How to Connect a 3G USB Modem?

How to Connect a  3G USB Dongle or Modem Properly?

USB 3G modem is now very popular due to the flexibility of usase. It can be used on PC, MacBook, Android or even directly to the 3G Routers for the Internet surfing but if you can’t connect or configure it properly it may create big problem for you.
USB 3G Modem
USB 3G Modem
Today we will discuss how to connect a 3G USB Modem and to make it working. Here is the steps how to connect a 3G USB Modem successfully-


Steps for Installing the 3G USB Dongle or Modem:

1. First of all Inser the SIM card on the SIM slot of the 3G USB Modem [Before plugging it on to the Computer]
2.Then plug your USB 3G modem in to the Computer’s USB Port and suggested not to use any USB HUB. If you USB any HUB it may create problem [for some cases], so better to avoid USB HUB and connect it directly to the USB port of the computer.
3. Since, all 3G modem comes with Zero CD ROM so, no need to install the driver from any additional CD ROM. Wait for a while and if you plug your modem for the first time it will install some drivers so kindly don’t interrupt it and let it install all drivers automatically. Be patient.. 🙂
4. Once it is completes installing driver and it will open a Auto run Menu/ Installer or a CD-ROM Drive so don’t be hurry. If it’s not started automatically, you can see it on the “My computer” and open the drives and look for the .exe files. Click on that and it will start installing the applications.
5. Follow the on screen commands and it complete the installation after few screens of command.
6. As soon as it completes installing the dashboard will come and it will start to install the necessary drivers.
7. Once it is completes installing the driver it will Auto open the dashboard by self. It’s done. You are now ready to start surfing the internet by just simply press connect.

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