Why 3G USB Modem Getting Overheated?

Why  3G is USB Modem Getting Overheated?

3G Modem is very handy and useful for those who travel quite often also it’s better choice where broadband is not available. 3G USB Modem is widely used nowadays for wireless broadband for high-speed internet access but some of the device or brands or USB Modem has a common problem that is getting hot sometimes getting very hot. USB modem generally getting hot and there are few reasons to like it receives 3G or GSM frequencies and at the same time converting that signal into high range of wireless frequency. 3G USB getting hot its common but if your USB modem getting very hot then it’s a matter of worry.

Over Heated USB modem could burn Laptop
Over Heated USB modem could burn Laptop

5 Ways to Reduce Over Heat on you 3G USB Modem:

Here is some tips that could help you to sort it out the issue and you may find the way to fix it before going to the deep of the procedure, you may have a look how to Connector set up a 3G USB modem properly If you already follow that procedure correctly and still having the problem then now you may go through the bellow steps-


1. USB Connection:

If you connect the 3G USB Dongle very near to the Laptop’s ventilator [where laptop’s heat comes out] then there is a big chance to get your USB 3G dongle getting hot. So, Avoid this and try to plug different USB port [Apart from the laptop’s ventilation window]. Suggested not to use USB Extension cable [Especially cheap and lower class of cable may] also avoid using USB HUB. The first and most important case to get USB modem heat is a shortage of proper power. If your PC has USB2.0 port and USB3.0 port then better to use 3G modem on USB3.0 port because USB3.0 has more capability since it’s output power is 1A [Power=1Ax5V=5W max] but for USB2.0 max Power=0.4Ax5V= 2Watts. So, if you have both facility better to go with USB3.0 port.


2. Modem Specification:

Before buying 3GB USB Dongle or Modem check the product specifications. Especially if possible check the Chipset number and the Chipset manufacturer of the 3G USB Dongle. Some modem manufacturer may not publish the chipset details but you may Google the model number and check for the Chipset details. Some Chipset special modern Chipsets are more stable in terms of the overheat even if you run for a long time. Buy well-known brands Modem instead of buying cheap Chinese modem. Check if the modem has an external antenna or not. Generally, old Chipsets comes with an antenna so better to avoid that model.


3. Environment:

If you are using your 3G USB dongle in a hot place like industrial area or in an urban area where the temperature is high then it may get overheated. The atmosphere should be proper air flow and if possible to use in an AC room. Don’t ever try to use in a sunlight it may get overheated even it may burn the whole units.


4. Body Design:

For buying a 3GB model better to go with the Plastic case instead of the metal body. Since inside the case the Chipset may warm but if it is the metal case it will transfer the heat to outside very easily since metal is a very good heat conductor. So, we will suggest you buy plastic or soft rubber coated modem.


5. Signal Strength:

If you are far from the Carrier Base station [BTS] tower and your modem getting signal less than 25% then there is a big chance to get your USB modem overheated. If the signal strength is less the modem will search for stronger signal also it will look for other base station nearby and it will get overheated. In this case better to use the USB 3G modem near the base station. Also, you can use near window [But not on the sunshine] and you may use additional Antenna to get the better reception.

After following all the above tips if your Device still gets hot we suggest cooling the USB dongle manually. You can use a USB Fan or an aluminum heat sink and attach the model with that [I know it’s not a cool idea] it can absorb the additional heat and it may save your device. But Please try to use the better quality of the device and try to plug it into in a healthy USB port [never plug in a lose USB port] and try to maintain the distance from the Laptops ventilator window. If you follow above steps and we strongly hope that it will save at least 80% of your problem, but if you feel that after following all this steps your device still has a problem, now time to change your device or consult with your retailer or a technician who can fix it physically. Please let us know if you found this tips helpful for you and don’t forget to share your experience as a comment.

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  1. 3G modems have a maximum power output of about 2 Watt and a maximum power consumption of nearly 3 watt. So you could have about 1 watt of heat to get rid of without much of a heat sink. The power output is controlled by the bit error rate so if you live next door to a tower your modem would only be transmitting milliwatts and there would be no heat…so maybe if you connected it to an external antenna it would not need to transmit at full power to get the job done? Less heat and better speed!
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