Make your USB bootable in a single click

If you are not a so advanced user and looking for a simple solution to make a USB Drive Bootable for your Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 to install from directly from your USB, then we have a simple solution with very easy steps. No need to install any software or apps it’s super easy and simple as plug and play. So, let’s download the “Rufus” and as per our experience this is really simple and 99.99% reliable to work with any brands of USB drive. So, you don’t have to think about the brands of your USB even it works for memory card through card reader.

Here are the simple steps-
1. Download the app “Rufus
2. Open the app
3. Select your USB Drive on “Device” path
4. Select the ISO file by clicking the CD button beside ISO image
5. Keep all settings like the screenshot
6. Press Start and wait for a while and you will see the “Done” message bellow the about button once it is done.
Isn’t is super cool? That’s it and cheers!

Note: Please make sure you take your necessary files backup before applying this tools because it will format the USB during the process. Credit goes to Rufus and you may visit them for future updates.

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