Performance Testing of USB Device

How to test the USB performance?

Everybody of us must be having USB devices like USB Flash Drive, Portable HDD or any other kinds of USB storage but are we really sure about the transfer speed of our devices? and did we really know how to test the USB device? If you want to test your USB read and write speed or want to compare different USB or brands of USB then here is the best and stable tools that are widely used in industry level for mass production or testing. It’s very small USB tools but very powerful to test the read and write test. You just need to select the drive and to define the test capacity you would like to test. Like if you are testing an 8GB of USB then either you can choose the whole Capacity for testing or else you can define the  testing capacity like you can select 2GB for testing. It will save your testing time or else it will take longer time. 
USB Read Write Testing
USB Read Write Testing
So, let’s download the small app “H2Test” and test your own USB and keep the tools in your computer for future testing. It’s super simple and useful USB tools to test your USB Devices.

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