Apacer UFD Utility 8 Set of Repairing tools

Apacer is one of the world known USB flash drive brand. They have many different designs of USB Flash Drive. This Set of eight utilities used to format the flash Apacer Handy Steno and other models.

Handy Steno AH320
Handy Steno AH123

Handy Steno AH161 plus, Handy Steno AH221
Handy Steno AH222, Handy Steno AH223
Handy Steno AH225, Handy Steno AH321
Handy Steno AH322, Handy Steno AH323
Handy Steno AH326

Handy Steno AH123, Handy Steno AH124
Handy Steno AH125, Handy Steno AH160
Handy Steno AH220, Handy Steno AH320
Handy Steno HC202, Handy Steno HC212
Handy Steno HA202, Handy Steno HN202
Handy Steno HN212, Handy Steno HT202
Handy Steno HT203 200X, Handy Steno HS120

Handy Steno AH522 200X
In these flash is used primarily controllers Phison. Some utilities do not work on Win7.
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Apacer FM Modulator Recovery tools

This Utility is used to recover flash controllers Silicon Motion SM32x (SM340AB). This controller mostly in MP3 FM transmitters (VID 090S PID 1000).
The archive and the utility tips:
1. Configuration files to restore MP3-FM modulator (files W12, ISP, CID).
2. Configuration files to restore MP3 player Apacer Audio Steno AU231. USB Device ID: VID = 090C PID = 1000, Chip Vendor: SMI, Chip Part-Number: SM340AB. Firmware files CID.CID, ISP.ISP, W12.W12 folder in the Main.

To download the tools Click Here. Leave your comment if you found this tools is helpful or if you faced any problem. Thanks!

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