USB Bad Sector Removing Tools get Full capacity

Remove Bad sectors from your USB and get the full capacity:

If you bought any OEM USB Drives or Fake USB or Low grade Chinese flash cards with inflated memory or USB Drive there is a big chance to be Storage size is different than the actual storage like sometimes they used refurbished 8GB Flash chip and block the bad sectors and make it as 4GB but the actual capacity is 8GB and except the bad sectors it could be 5.5GB up to 6.8GB. So, by using this tools you may able to use the full size of the USB.
USB Bad Sector Removing Tools
USB Bad Sector Removing Tools

Please Note This tools may work for the VID-1221 PID3234, VID0011 PID7788. Check your USB’s VID/PID with this tools. Download the MyDiskFix tools to fix the actual capacity. If you found this tools and tips useful leave your comment.

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