Remove Write Protection for TwinMOS USB Drive K2- Easy way

To removing the write protection of TwinMOS USB Flash Drive Model- K2. We will show you how to remove the write protection. There is certain procedures and if one is not work you may try another but to make sure and to choose right steps or right version of the tools you should use this tool [ChipGenius] to identify the chipset. Once you got the chipset info consider 80% work done, now just you have to pick the right version of the tools or the technique.
In this first part of this tips we will discuss how to identify the chipset and how to recover the USB or how to remove the write protection switch without applying any Tools. Fist of all download the ChipGenius and install it. After installation open the application and plug the USB drive [make sure USB has power and detect by PC] in the main window of the ChipGenius you will be able to see some basic info about the USB drive you plugged in most recently. Keep note the VID, PID, Flash version and Controller model. If you found the controller vendor as DM then Click Here. If you found the controller as SMI then Click Here. If you found the controller as Phison then Click Here. If you found the Controller vendor is USBest or IT then Click Here. If you not sure about the Controller model then you can try the bellow simple steps-
Open Start Menu [Windows Button+R] >> Run, type “regedit” and press Enter, this will open the registry editor and now navigate to the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>>SYSTEM>>CurrentControlSet>>Control>>StorageDevicePolicies. Double click the key WriteProtect in the right pane and set the value to “0” In the Value Data Box and press OK button. Exit Registry menu and restart your computer once and try to connect the USB again. This is the simplest and easy way to remove the write protection but if the USB still has the same problem then better to follow the Tool based technique.

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ChipGenius v3.01 the ultimate master of USB Chip info

ChipGenius is one of the best and professional USB tools for checking the USB info. It has the biggest data base for most of the old and recent models of USB from all the vendors. It gives all the info automatically as soon as the USB is plugged in. It can also detect the USB card reader, MP3 or MP4 chip info too. In a word you can say this is the ultimate master of USB info.

As per my personal experience on this filed, i trust on this tools and Personally i will recommend this tools due to its functionality and accuracy. By using this USB tools you will be benefited to select the correct version of formatter or MP tools [Mass Production] to recover and restore your USB drives. To download this useful tools Click Here. Leave your comment if you found this tools is helpful or if you faced any problem. Thanks!

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