How to keep safe USB Flash Drives

How to keep safe USB Flash Drives:

USB Flash Drive is a true innovation for the portable media and it is used widely from the millitary grad to a school studen. Now everybody needs to keep data with them. All important data can be carried with a small thumb drive. For some peoples USB is fashion but for some peoples USB is most useful and they have to use it very frequently but due to neglecting the regular maintenance it could a matter of great problem. We often got to know oho i lost my data, My USB is not working bla bla bla but if you dig the matter you will get to know that it happens due to careless of the USB. 

USB with in built cap
USB with in built cap

Here is some common but very usefuls tips that can help you to keep your USB safe and secure for a longer time-

1. Use Lanyard: 

Even it is not looks smart but it is better to use a lanyard for your USB. It will save the USB from fall down accedently and protect it from loosing it from hand.

2. Keep Away from water: 

Most of the USB is not waterproof and inside of the USB is too sensitive that you must keep aways from water but now a days some USB came with Chip On Board [COB] technology which is completely waterproof and dsut proof.

3. Rubber Soft case: 

Buy USB which has soft rubber case or rubber grip. Some of them has jelly type soft and elastic type case which is very helpful if is dropped.

4. USB with cap: 

Buy USB that model has in build cap which will definitely protect you from loosign the cap.

5. Keep is safe place: 

Keep you USB Flash Drive in a cool and safe place and out of children.