Why My USB Drive Getting So hot?

My USB is getting too hot is it normal?

When a USB Drive plugged into any computer or any other devices. It get powered and it can get hot it is normal but if the heat is extensive that time you will need to think about it seriously. It’s normal when transferring the data between USB to PC and vice versa it can get worm little bit but if it is really high then it may damage your device even it may cause of fire. 
USB Getting hot
USB Getting hot
Here is some reason for those your USB Flash Drive can generate extra heat-

1. Defective USB:

If your USB got defective somehow and it may generate heat its mainly because of internal short circuit of the components or misplace any inter parts.

2. Metal Body:

Metal body is much more heat conductive than plastic or other materials. So, if your USB body is metal then there is a big chance to get hot and you can feel if within a few moments after plug the USB.

3. Copy large files:

If you copy large file and if it is continued for long time then your USB may get hot. Especially if you watch movie directly from your USB to HD TV or any other media.So, better not to use it for long term use if its generate extra heat and don’t keep plugged in with your computer if you are not using it.

4. Multiple Device Connected:

If you are using any USB HUB for expanding your USB ports, then it may also cause additional heat on your USB drives. Each USB port of your computer has limited power capacity but if you plug more power hunger devices together with the USB HUB then it may cause extra heat. So, better to use USB HUB with additional DC power adapter.

5. Cheap Price USB:

As we know cheap product always made from cheap components and cheap components always made from the cheap raw materials. So, before buying any new USB you should think once again on this regards. Don’t just go for the cheaper USB. Cheaper in terms of the body design and the internal components construction. Sometimes, cheap USB [Basically the plastic case models] also comes with better quality of Flash chips and one more important thing is that extra heat could be generated from the lack of internal circuit designs that is impossible for us as an end user to know. So, better go with some reliable and well-known brands even it is plastic body it will definitely give you a long term data retention guarantee