How to Enable or Disable USB Ports?

How to Enable and disable USB Port to Protect your Computer?

If you are in a situation where you want protect your PC from unwanted USB Devices or if you want to make some policy to allow and to disallow the USB Devices then here is the tips. Where by doing this small tricks you will be able to filter the USB Device. Such as if you want to allow particular USB or allow USB with Password or make a list for white list where only predefined USB device will be allowed and rest devices will be blocked or you may configure with password when any USB will be plugged in on your Computer it will ask for the predefined administrative password. it means without your permission nobody will be able to use any UBB device on your computer. 

Allow or Disallow USB
Allow or Disallow USB. Photo Curtsey- Solarwinds
In USB device it could be USB flash drive, USB CD ROM, Portable HDD, USB Data cable for any kinds of external devices like smart phones. So, if you want to protect your computer from external USB Devices we will suggest 2 options like bellow-

1. Third party tools:

There is lots of third party tools to do this job for you but out of this we will recommend Solarwinds if you are using it on a network based workstation. By that you can mange your USB very easily or you may try eScan Internet Security Suite if you are a single user or home user. Beside as Antivirus it also works fine for the Controlling USB devices. There is lots of option about the USB device you can customize the whole process very easily. You can make white list or password, manage device list to be allowed or not to be allowed and many more. You can give a FREE trial with this tools.We try this tools and it was very simple and useful. Hope it will work fine for you too.

eScan ISS USB Control Panel
eScan ISS USB Control Panel

2. Windows Group Policy:

Windows has group policy to make the policy to allow or not to allow. This is quite tricky and may be it will not a good choice if you don’t like to dig inside the policies. To read the details you may visit Windows Group Policy for USB or else you can try to the first option if you think that is the easy and comfortable for you.

Windows Group Policy Activated for USB Control
Windows Group Policy Activated for USB Control
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