Windows can’t format your Disk how to Fix it

How to Fix a USB if shows Windows Can’t format your Disk?

There are many different types of problem can be happened to your USB flash disk but if you know this small tips it may help you a lot just before buying a new USB. Today we will discuss windows can’t format your Disk. There are many other ways but we will show you a very simple way to try to solve the issue. 

Windows Can't Format your Disk
Windows Can’t Format your Disk
First of all, you need to download and install a small but very useful tools called “HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool” to solve the problem. You can also make your disk bootable by this tools and you can also format your USB as NTFS and FAT32 as well. Before applying this method, please take backup your all data. After formatting by this tool you will lose all of your existing data. Now, let’s follow the below procedure to format your flash disk and make it workable-
1. Insert your USB Disk into your Windows based PC or Laptop
2. Double click hp formatting shortcut from your Desktop.
HP USB Formatter Device Detected
HP USB Formatter Device Detected
3. It will show your Device and it will also show the corresponding capacity under the device option.
4. Select FAT32 or NTFS like below.
Select the file system to be format on HP formatter
Select the file system to be format on HP formatting
5. Select Quick format and press start then yes. It will Format Quickly but if you didn’t tick mark on the Quick Format then it will take longer time depending on the USB capacity
6. It will show a Format Success Message if the USB is formatted by this tools.
7. Remove the USB from your System and Reinsert your disk and now try to format by windows by simply right click on the USB device from my computer menu and select the Format option. if the USB successfully formatted by the Windows now. That’s it!! Your USB drive is now ready to use again. Enjoy and share this article  with your friends if you found this is helpful..!!

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Patriot XT Recovery Software (Formatter-

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To download this useful tools Click Here. Leave your comment if you found this tools is helpful or if you faced any problem. Thanks!