How to Charge multiple Gadgets Together

How to charge multiple Gadgets or Mobile Devices Together?

World is becoming more compact and more handy. Everybody is in hurry. If you are small business man or a student or even a big businessman you must be having few electronic gadgets like; Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wireless devices, Wireless headphones, Smart Watch whatever the portable gadgets they must be need charge. Specially Smart Phone you must know that its very important to charge your gadgets regularly and its very difficult to carry many charges for different devices [even it may works with same charger but you can’t charge all devices together]. So, charge all of your devices lets say if you have 4 different devices like 2 Smart Phone, 1 iPad/tablet and 1 Wireless head phone. But is it really a cool idea to carry 4 different charger? Lets say all your device supports micro USB port for charging but is it possible to carry 4 different charger? I am sure you will be agree with me that its really a matter of headache. So, now the question is how to solve this problem? Today we will discuss some about some tips that will definitely help you to think again to rearrange your charging method and it may simplify the whole things.


1. Power Strip:

You may notice that some Domestic Power Strip is coming with in built USB port by that you can easily charge your gadgets. Here we will suggest to buy one Huntkey PZB404 which has 2 USB port for charging and 3 ports for household 3 pin socket for AC power. In the market you may also find some other brands power strip with this USB port facility but before buying please keep in mind that the Power Strip should be wel designed for charge the gadgets. In this case Huntkey they offer 3 Years of warranty and up to 1 million US$ of insurance coverage. So, it could be your smart choice if your gadget got damage you can claim for the insurance.

Huntkey Power Strip with USB Port
Huntkey Power Strip with USB Port

2. AC Power Outlet:

Now a days some advanced AC power outlet is available in the market which has in built USB port. It means you don’t need to think more just plug the USB port and the charging will start imminently once you turn ON the power switch. This is one of the very useful innovation and it could give you the freedom of caring multiple charger. Now we have to wait to implement for this technology to everywhere. What you think? If you Domestic power outlet also comes with USB port isn’t it a cool idea?

AC Power Outlet with USB Charging port
AC Power Outlet with USB Charging port

3. Multiport USB HUB:

IF you have a USB HUB, we will recommed for USB3.0 HUB because USB3.0 has more power capability than USB2.0 so if you have any USB3.0 HUB you can use it for charging your gadgets. Also some USB HUB is coming specially designed and well marked USB Charge port. That means that Port is specially desiged for charging the gadgets. Also keep in mind that if you use USB2.0 HUB in this case you should use a AC power adapter to power up the USB HUB itself

TwinMOS Multiport USB HUB as Charger
TwinMOS Multiport USB HUB as Charger

4. Laptop as Charger:

Its very common and widely used method and i know there is nothing to say about this. Hope at least once you already did this. isnt it?

5. Portable USB Ports:

If you are a regular traveller and if you fond of electronic gadgets then better carry one Car charger & one USB cable so if you travel on the car you can charge your gadgets. Also if you have the USB cable while you are travelling on plane check your front side i mean the back seat USB port if you found one that’s it! you can charger your gadgets easily just you will need to have your USB cable.

Universal Power Adapter
Universal Travel Adapter

6. Universal Travel Adapter:

If you are a business man and if you need to travel most of the time then we will suggest you to buy one Universal Travel Adapter. By this adapter you can do most of the things that you will need to charge your mobile devices. Its a complex design of multiple USB ports and AC pins so it will gives you freedom in terms of AC ports you will be able to charge even your laptops.

Note: Before charging any electronic gadgets we will advise to use the supplied Adapters and you may apply this tips only for emergency cases not for regular basis.