How to make a Better QR Code?

How to make 100% readable QR code even for entry level Smart Phone?

Quick Response Code is know QR Code. It is widely used due to the integrity with Smart Phones and mobility. Details about the QR code and the technology behind this, you may visit Since this technology became so popular now a days and most of the company or manufacturer already start adding the QR code on the retail package of the products. All the big brands like- Apple, Samsung, HTC, HP, Toshiba, Dell, Microsoft etc. they are widely using this QR codes on their every recnt products. Due to its huge popularity small small shop or manufacturer also start using this codes for various purposes even for personal business card also they are putting the QR code to redirect their clients to visit their web site to get to know more about their products or services but you may often notice that the QR code is not well recognized by the smart phones. The reason behind this is long URL or complex URL and due to this the QR code also became more complex. Inside of the QR codes the dots and the bars became too small to scan by the Smart Phone. If the code can’t be read then what is the use?
Use of QR Code
Use of QR Code

So, we will show you how to make a 100% readable QR code. This tips will help you to make a clear and more visible QR code which will definitely scan and recognize starting from the entry level of Smart Phone, even chines phones with lower resolution of Camera will be able to read it promptly.
1. First of all copy your targeted URL. Length doesn’t matter even it is thousands words long.
2. Visit Online URL Shortner service like you may Sign up their if you have future plan to track your visitors and analysis in more details like; country wise, Operating system wise, Device wise, number of clicks, regions and so on..
3. Now, If you wish to make the QR code with bigger size or if you want to make the code as customized size then the best way is visit and paste the shortened URL on the URL field and in the right side you will be able so the size slide bar. By default it will generate a 250 x250px code but if you need smaller or bigger size then simply you can slide and increase/decrease the pixels size. Once you set the QR code size then simply click on the “Download” button and Save or Open option will open on a separate window and save it.
QR Code Example Generated during writing this article
QR Code Example Generated during writing this article
4. Now, if you already have any QR code reader on your smart phone that’s fine otherwise we will suggest you to download “QR Droidâ„¢” from the respective apps store.
5. Since the download QR code that just we generate it is in .png file so you can use it easily to any where you want. That’s it!! Now try to print a hard copy or you can also try from your computer display to scan the QR code by your smart phone and you will be agree with us after getting the result that we can guaranty.
Hope this tips will help you to make a 100% readable and perfect QR code for your next project. If you found this tips is helpful or if you are facing any other difficultly or if you have any better idea, please don’t hesitate to share with us. Our intention to share our experience and to let others know and get the benefits of them experience. Thanks!