How to Encrypt USB Drive for FREE

How to Encrypt USB Drive for FREE?

This is quite old method and you may already know about this but just in case if you are not aware of this then it may help you a lot to Encrypt your USB drive and that is for FREE of cost. The tools comes with Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 by default. You just need to activate the service. To activate the USB Encryption with Bitlocker please follow the bellow steps-
USB Encryption with Bitlocker
USB Encryption with Bitlocker

1. Turn ON the Computer

2. Insert the USB

3. Right click on the USB drive and select the “Turn on Bitlocker” option as bellow picture

Activating Bitlocker on USB
Activating Bitlocker on USB
4. Another window will pop up with 2 options like-

a. Use A Password To Unlock This Drive:

We will go through this option and we will show you how to enable this service to enable the encryption to protect the full USB contents.

b. Use My Smart Card To Unlock The Drive

If you have smart card then you can activate this option but please keep in mind that it may create problem for you if try to access your file and if there is no Smart Card reader. This option mostly used for industrial purposes where USB and the data is prohibited to bring out side or use out side of the industries or workplace.
Activating Bitlocker on USB
Activating Bitlocker Options on USB
5. We will go for the password option. Set the password and confirm it by putting the password again but please keep in mind  that the password should be at least 8 digits.
Save the Bitlocker log file to recover the password
Save the Bitlocker log file to recover the password
6. Now choose the option How Do You Want To Store Your Recovery Key page and print the password for your safety or save it on your computer in a safe place. In case if you forget your password then you can recover the password by using those data.
Now wait for completing the encryption process. Please be patient because this process can take a longer time depending on the size of your USB. Generally for 4GB USB drive it may take 5 to 6 minutes. That’s it you are done and your USB is now completely secure. To use the USB next time when you will plug the USB it will ask to put your password like bellow picture-
Open USB with password
Open USB with password


Its very much strong and its easy to use more importantly it comes with Windows as Free.


It takes longer time for the first time and if forget the password its very difficult even if you have the saved file.

Why My USB Drive Getting So hot?

My USB is getting too hot is it normal?

When a USB Drive plugged into any computer or any other devices. It get powered and it can get hot it is normal but if the heat is extensive that time you will need to think about it seriously. It’s normal when transferring the data between USB to PC and vice versa it can get worm little bit but if it is really high then it may damage your device even it may cause of fire. 
USB Getting hot
USB Getting hot
Here is some reason for those your USB Flash Drive can generate extra heat-

1. Defective USB:

If your USB got defective somehow and it may generate heat its mainly because of internal short circuit of the components or misplace any inter parts.

2. Metal Body:

Metal body is much more heat conductive than plastic or other materials. So, if your USB body is metal then there is a big chance to get hot and you can feel if within a few moments after plug the USB.

3. Copy large files:

If you copy large file and if it is continued for long time then your USB may get hot. Especially if you watch movie directly from your USB to HD TV or any other media.So, better not to use it for long term use if its generate extra heat and don’t keep plugged in with your computer if you are not using it.

4. Multiple Device Connected:

If you are using any USB HUB for expanding your USB ports, then it may also cause additional heat on your USB drives. Each USB port of your computer has limited power capacity but if you plug more power hunger devices together with the USB HUB then it may cause extra heat. So, better to use USB HUB with additional DC power adapter.

5. Cheap Price USB:

As we know cheap product always made from cheap components and cheap components always made from the cheap raw materials. So, before buying any new USB you should think once again on this regards. Don’t just go for the cheaper USB. Cheaper in terms of the body design and the internal components construction. Sometimes, cheap USB [Basically the plastic case models] also comes with better quality of Flash chips and one more important thing is that extra heat could be generated from the lack of internal circuit designs that is impossible for us as an end user to know. So, better go with some reliable and well-known brands even it is plastic body it will definitely give you a long term data retention guarantee

Why USB or HDD Showing Less Capacity Than Advertised

Why capacity is always less than Advertize?

If you notice that all of the USB, not only USB all kinds of storage including HDD, Portable HDD, SSD, Memory cards, USB Flash Drive or any other storage media always shows less than the written or advertized capacity but did you know why it is less than the advertize capacity? Here is the storage calculation. Hope after reading this you will be clear about your question why 8GB USB showing less than 7.5GB and is it normal or abnormal-

Not really big as advertize
Not really big as advertize

Storage Conversation Method:

As per the HDD/Flash Storage Manufacturer: 

1GB= 1000 MB= 1000 x 1000 KB= 1000 x 1000 x 1000 Byte= 1000000000 Byte

As per the Programmer/ Machine Language: 

1GB= 1024 MB= 1024 x 1024 KB= 1024 x 1024 x 1024 Byte= 1073741824 Byte
So, 8GB= (8 x 1000000000)/ 1073741824
             = 7.4505 GB equals to 7.45 GB
           8GB= 7.45 GB
And for 4GB if we applied the same method we will found it as 3.725 GB. This calculation can be applied for any other capacity even for 500GB HDD or 4TB HDD. This is standard method of calculation of the Storage. This is the only reason for that physically we found less capacity than it is advertize by the manufacturer as attached picture. As a end user we are loosing a huge numbers of capacity but we are paying for that, did you ever think about that?

USB Bad Sector Removing Tools get Full capacity

Remove Bad sectors from your USB and get the full capacity:

If you bought any OEM USB Drives or Fake USB or Low grade Chinese flash cards with inflated memory or USB Drive there is a big chance to be Storage size is different than the actual storage like sometimes they used refurbished 8GB Flash chip and block the bad sectors and make it as 4GB but the actual capacity is 8GB and except the bad sectors it could be 5.5GB up to 6.8GB. So, by using this tools you may able to use the full size of the USB.
USB Bad Sector Removing Tools
USB Bad Sector Removing Tools

Please Note This tools may work for the VID-1221 PID3234, VID0011 PID7788. Check your USB’s VID/PID with this tools. Download the MyDiskFix tools to fix the actual capacity. If you found this tools and tips useful leave your comment.

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How to keep safe USB Flash Drives

How to keep safe USB Flash Drives:

USB Flash Drive is a true innovation for the portable media and it is used widely from the millitary grad to a school studen. Now everybody needs to keep data with them. All important data can be carried with a small thumb drive. For some peoples USB is fashion but for some peoples USB is most useful and they have to use it very frequently but due to neglecting the regular maintenance it could a matter of great problem. We often got to know oho i lost my data, My USB is not working bla bla bla but if you dig the matter you will get to know that it happens due to careless of the USB. 

USB with in built cap
USB with in built cap

Here is some common but very usefuls tips that can help you to keep your USB safe and secure for a longer time-

1. Use Lanyard: 

Even it is not looks smart but it is better to use a lanyard for your USB. It will save the USB from fall down accedently and protect it from loosing it from hand.

2. Keep Away from water: 

Most of the USB is not waterproof and inside of the USB is too sensitive that you must keep aways from water but now a days some USB came with Chip On Board [COB] technology which is completely waterproof and dsut proof.

3. Rubber Soft case: 

Buy USB which has soft rubber case or rubber grip. Some of them has jelly type soft and elastic type case which is very helpful if is dropped.

4. USB with cap: 

Buy USB that model has in build cap which will definitely protect you from loosign the cap.

5. Keep is safe place: 

Keep you USB Flash Drive in a cool and safe place and out of children.

How to make simple USB into a AES Encrypted USB for FREE

How to make simple USB into a AES Encrypted USB

USB is a very portable and handy to carry huge data. Most of the people carry movies and other official files from one place to another place. But If you are worried about privacy for the sensitive data being compromised then there is concern about to do something to make your USB more secure. It can be by password or other way but most of the cases password isn’t the ultimate solution. 

TrueCrypt USB Encryption
TrueCrypt USB Encryption

Today we will show a open source but very reliable tools which will definitely help you to protect your data from extreme level of security. We will suggest you to use any kinds of software which support Advanced Encryption Standard [AES] encrypting. Here today we will recommend TrueCrypt it is a simple and effective free option. TrueCrypt has you covered. It’s a versatile utility as it can encrypt partitions, VHDs, Flash Drives, or entire hard drive. TrueCrypt is a free Open Source disk encryption utility that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows you to encrypt an entire drive, partition or flash drive and ensure no one can access the data without the right password. It provides on-the-fly encryption and after the drive is encrypted you can continue to use everything like you normally would. You can encrypt a virtual disk, removable drive, or an entire system drive. There are a lot more steps than what we show here, but the wizard makes all of your choices easy.You can choose different levels of encryption. There are several types to choose from and each has its unique qualities but for most users you will be fine with AES encryption. Download TrueCrypt for Windows [Win7 and 8 Supported], Mac, and Linux