Free Photo Recovery tools from Memory Cards and USB Drives

If you are facing any problem with your memory cards or USB drives or any other drives which is corrupted anyhow and if you need to recover the data like photo or files or music or any other important files. If you are looking for a tools badly to recover the data then here is a small tools which will definitely help you. 

Photo Recovery tools
Photo Recovery tools

This tools is tested by me and it works 100% without any single file missing but there is some precautions needs to follow as bellow-
1. The media must be detect by computer
2. If the media is corrupted don’t try to copy any new data or take any new pictures
3. Remove the media from you camera or any other devices
4. Do no format if the dialog pop up to format the drive after plugging the device
Download the Wondershare Photo recovery tools and follow the onscreen instruction. It small, portable, simple but very useful for deleted or corrupted memory cards or USB drives. Let’s give a try and let me know if you found this tools useful or if you face any new problems.

Note: This tools is useful and requested to buy the full version to help the developer. Keygen/crack  file is removed to support the developers.

Data Recovery from Memory Card and USB flash drives (PhotoRec)

Now a days everybody is using USB Flash drive or Memory card for transferring the data sometimes for even storing. Every Camera are using memory card for storing the pictures. If Accidentally formatted a memory card in the camera with interesting images that was taken at holiday? Formatted a USB-stick with the very file you want, and the backup has left? All is not lost! Lost information can attempt to recover. 
Most of the cases the disappearance of information refers to damage to the logical structure of the data. When formatting or file system fails to flash, just destroyed a table with information about the file location and the file is, in most cases, are not damaged. According to this, there is the possibility of self-rescue information without recourse to organizations specializing in recovering data from Flash drives and save a little money on this character. So, try to recover the information but please make sure the bellow precautions-
a. Make sure that the media is not physically defective.
b. Also its not giving any error message while accessing the removable disk does not appear a window with the message “Insert Disk“.
c. Finally, don’t use the memory card or the flash to store any new data.
To recover lost files, use a small free program PhotoRec 6.14 included in the package.
Download and unpack the archive with the program, such as C: Temp
Connect the removable media [USB Drive or Memory card through Card reader] to your computer and run the program photorec_win.exe
1. In the list of drives, You will find the device list and select your removable media.

2. Then select the type of file system on the media, in this case as example, [Intel].

3. In the next window, select the partitions to find deleted files, choose the first in the list section (Whole disk – search for all sections of the disc).

4. Next, specify the type of file system on the disk, as we choose the FAT file system [Other] because msotly all the USB flash drive and Memory cards used FAT or FAT32 file format.

5. Here you need to select a directory to save the files that found from the lost files. By default, the directory with the program photorec_win.exe, click “Y”

6. Will begin process of search of deleted files. please don’t unplug the device or remove the device. During this recovery process if you remove the device there is a big change to destroy the device permanently. It could take longer time as the capacity of the media. So, be patient and wait to finish the whole process.

7. As a result, the program will report the number of found files and store them in a directory recup_dir

Now navigate the folder and That’s all a bit of luck and your lost files recovered! If you found this tools is useful, please don’t forget the let us know or if you found any difficulty you are most welcome to leave your comment. Thanks!