This Utility is widely used to recover USB flash controllers of Silicon Motion SM32x (SM321AC, SM321BB, SM321CC, SM324BB, SM324BC, SM325AB, SM325AC, SM3252BA, SM3251BA). VID 0325 PID AC02, VID 1B1C PID 1AB1. Use this Master Password to change the settings: 32 [if necessary] 

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Welcome to My USB Drive Site

Welcome to My USB Drive Site! here we will discuss all about our USB drives. Basically we will discuss here the details about the bellow topcs-

1. USB Drive/ Pen Drive/ USB Flash Drive Troubleshooting and their repairing tools.
2. Portable HDD Troubleshooting and repairng tools and techniques.
3. USB Mouse
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5. USB Printers
6. USB Card readers
7. USB Mobile charges
8. USB Power banks
9. Tablets and their USB driver problem and troubleshooting
10. FREE troubleshoting or repairing tools and how to use that
11. Portable HDD data recovery and so on.
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