Free Flash Drive Information Extractor 7.5

This is a very useful to understand and get the details information about your USB without opening the housing. This utility program has the ability to determine the model of the USB controller, model and type of memory for many of today’s USB flash drives. Feature of the program is that these data are determined directly, rather than by circumstantial evidence such as VID / PID. In many cases, the program will work even if there is no drive letter stick (damaged boot sector or destroyed file system). 
Using the software, you can get the following information:
1. Controller model
2. The options installed in the flash drive memory chips
3. Type of memory installed
4. Maximum supply current memory stick
5. USB version
6. Complete physical disk capacity
7. Disc volume reported by the operating system
8. VID and PID
9. Query Vendor ID
10. Query Product ID
11. Query Product Revizion
12. Controller Revision
13. Flash ID (not available for all configurations)
14. Chip F / W (for some controllers) and some other options that are useful for professionals.
The program only works with flash and does not respond to other USB devices such as card readers (SD card in any design), smart phones, MP3 players, cameras and the like. Sometimes card readers are issued in the form of flash drives (for example, some models Verbatim). In these cases the program or do not show any information or determine the type of controller and memory chip. Not determined as flash presented as a single CD-ROM, or fixed disk (fixed disk, HDD). Recommended to launch no earlier than 20-30 seconds after the flash drive is inserted into the USB port, or USB flash drive can not be fully initialized by the system.
You should not take measurements simultaneously with the work of other programs, low-level access to a flash drive, for example, utilities, manufacturers of controllers. In this case the data will be correctly identified. After working with such programs it is necessary to remove the flash drive from the USB port. Sometimes, for determining the parameters requires a considerable time (up to 30 seconds). If in the determination of parameters, the program “hangs” (it sometimes happens when flash drive is faulty), you should not try to close the program, simply remove the stick from the USB-connector. These flash drives after that, as a rule, the program determined. We recommend a connection to the internet, because in some cases, the program can send data to stick to our web-server for analysis.
The program stores its data in a service registry Windows HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software AntSpec GetFlashInfo .
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