USB Flash Drive Testing Tools

USB Flash drive is a commonly used portable digital media to transfer any data and last couple of years it’s become so popular that it will be quite impossible to find anybody who don’t know or didn’t used USB Flash drives. Now come to the point, Since the popularity of USB flash drive is increased and there is a thousands of fake USB drive in the market. So, the question is how to check the USB is it original or duplicate? Is there any way to find out? Yes, today we will show you how to test a USB and how to identify whether its original or fake? To do this testing we will need to use a small tools USB_Flash_Drive_Tester_1.14 This tools will allows you to test any removable media including SD, MMC, CF, USB Flash drives for bad or unstable sectors. 

Once the USB is plugged in it will automatically detect the device. There is few options like “Read” or “Write” or both combination of test. After selecting the testing type click on the “Start Test” button. According to the Device read/write speed and the capacity. After finishing the test take the note for all the data like, Read Speed of USB drive, Write speed of USB drive, Block Size of the capacity and all other errors. Now, here is some common standard information for all well known manufacturer like SanDisk, Transcend, Apacer, TwinMOS, A-DATA etc-
1. Product Name, Manufacturer name, Real Capacity Should be as described.
2. Read write speed should not be less than 6/4 [for 4 to 8GB]
3. For higher capacity should be higher read/write speed.
4. Should not be any error
5. Finally you should notice the Block size because some factories [not well known] they make 8GB USB into 4GB by blocking the Block sizes by the MP tools. Which is commonly used for OEM USB or without any brand name or for the copy  USB. Later on we will show you how they are doing that.