USB Flash Tools for AlcorMP AU698X and AU3150X

This is very useful and powerful tools for USB flash drive that contains the controller’s model number starting Alcor698x series.
Alcor698x Flash Tools

Controllers are supported: AU6981, AU6982, AU6983, AU6984, AU6986, AU7640, AU3150B51, Au3150C53. The list – 260 supported memory chips are now supported 34nm-high. In addition, they write that these tools improved the supporting list for controllers. This tool Works under Win2K/XP. Download the Alcor698x Flash Tools and enjoy…!

USB Flash Tools for AlcorMP AU698x 120210

This is an  utility for configuring USB flash drives on the controller model number ALCOR AU69xx, FC8xxx, SCx08.
Alcor AU69xx
Alcor AU69xx

It will Automatically recognized the VID PID: 058F xxxx, 8564 1000 3538 0070, 3538 0901, 0001 7778, 0011 7788, 0000 7777, To change the arbitrary VID & PID, Configure the settings menu. It generally supports FAT32 but in version MD – also support NTFS.
Download ALCOR AU69xx and enjoy…!

Kingston DT 101 G2 USB Flash Tools by AlcorMP AU698

If you have any Kingston DT 101 G2 USB Flash drive and if you are facing any issue with that and if you are looking for the Utility tools for this then please check the bellow things before applying this tools-
AlcorMP_AU698 Screen Shot
AlcorMP_AU698 Screen Shot

FLASH VENDOR: kingston DT 101 G2
MODEL: KingstonDT 101 G2
VID: 058F
PID: 6387
CHIP VENDOR: optional
Utility Version: AlcorMP AU698x RT v1.0.0.14 L0117 

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ADATA USB Recovery tools

This tools is very useful and widely used USB recovery tools for ADATA. If the configuration is matching what the bellow then you may give a try to recover your defective USB drives-

MODEL: Adata c906
VID: 125F
MEMORY CHIP: 60073010 [Optional]
UTILS: RecoverTool_V2.00.33_L1224.exe

PQI USB Utility Tools- Dr.UniFlashDisk

Very simple and useful tools for the PQI USB Drives. Supported Models:
– Card Drive Series
Intelligent Drive Series
Cool Drive Series
Traveling Disk series.
(Vid: 3538 Pid: 0059, vid 3538 pid 0054)

PQI USB Utility Tools
PQI USB Utility Tools

Download the package of PQI Dr.UniFlashDisk Utility Tools and Leave your comment if you found this tools and tips useful or if you found any difficulty so that we can improve the article. Thanks!

ChipGenius v3.01 the ultimate master of USB Chip info

ChipGenius is one of the best and professional USB tools for checking the USB info. It has the biggest data base for most of the old and recent models of USB from all the vendors. It gives all the info automatically as soon as the USB is plugged in. It can also detect the USB card reader, MP3 or MP4 chip info too. In a word you can say this is the ultimate master of USB info.

As per my personal experience on this filed, i trust on this tools and Personally i will recommend this tools due to its functionality and accuracy. By using this USB tools you will be benefited to select the correct version of formatter or MP tools [Mass Production] to recover and restore your USB drives. To download this useful tools Click Here. Leave your comment if you found this tools is helpful or if you faced any problem. Thanks!

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