Speed up your USB data transfer

How to Speed up your USB data transfer:

If you don’t want to spend extra money for high speed USB3.0 USB Flash Drive or if you already have a USB2.0 Flash Drive then you don’t need to buy a new one which will be costly. Here is the easy solution to speed up your existing USB drive. It’s simple and no need to initialize every time. It will work automatically to boost your speed. While you copy a large file if can show you the current copy speed, estimated time to finish the file copy most importently Paus and resume the file transfer capability which is very effective. The best thing is it will increase the data transfer rate that you can see on your eyes. 
I know may be you already know about this tools earlier guess what? Yes its TeraCopy but here is the latest version of this software which also can check the errors on the copied files it means it can verify the files which is very importent if you are transferring a secure files. This tools will definitely help you if you are a fond of movie and if you would like to share the HD movies with your friends and your family. What more? You can customize it as per your requirement like you can customize the buffer size. Download the latest version of TeraCopy  and test it yourself and hope you will agree with me. Let us know if you found this tips helpful for you. Share your experience and help others to make their life easier.

TwinMOS USB2.0 Mobile Disk Z4 Drivers

TwinMOS USB2.0 Mobile Disk Z4 Driver tools

TwinMOS Mobile Disk Z4 is one of the earliest innovation of USB Drive from TwinMOS. If you have any one of them and if you are looking for the driver and the application tools then you can download it from here.

1. TwinMOS Z4 [K21, M24, K24] Data Sheet
2. TwinMOS Z4 [K21, M24, K24] Driver
3. TwinMOS Z4 [K21, M24, K24] Application Software
4. TwinMOS Z4 [M23] Driver
5. TwinMOS Z4 [M23] Application Software
6. TwinMOS Z4 [U2X, M3X, U4x] Data Sheet
7. TwinMOS Z4 [U2X, M3X, U4X] Driver
8. TwinMOS Z4 [U2X, M3X, U4X] Application Software

9. TwinMOS Z4 [D4X] Driver